locked Southern Passenger Trains at WUT

George Eichelberger


Here is a cross posting from the Passenger Car LIst. It is a good example of the kind of material found in the Southern Railway Presidents' Files collection in the SRHA Archives.


From the SRHA Archives.....

The Southern Railway Presidents' files are full of correspondence about various interline proposals, plans and conflicts. Few generated as many pieces of angry correspondence as the following letter from PRR President James M. Symes sent January 10, 1958. In it, the PRR announces it intends to bill all roads that interchange passenger cars at Washington $20.00 per car.

Research has not turned up how long the PRR attempted, or ever began to levy the charge. The response letters from every railroad President this was addressed to were negative, to say the least. Can anyone fill us in on if the fee was ever charged?

The exercise did yield a report by the Pennsy of July 30, 1958, that describes the typical consist of every connecting train at WUT in the fall and winter of 1958-59. It is too long to post but it would make a fine candidate for a "From the Archives" item in SRHA's "TIES" and other historical group magazines. (An oddity....coaches with head rest covers were noted.)