locked Questions for early 20th Century Southern Railway

A&Y Dave in MD

I am trying to understand a few things about the Southern Railway operations and corporate decision making from 1900-1924.  If anyone has easy access to evidence that can help me, I'd appreciate it.  If not, it will have to wait until I can visit the archives and do some research.

My questions:

  1. After reading R.E. Prince, I know that the Southern conducted a significant locomotive renumbering in 1903. I believe that helped organize the classes of locomotives acquired from all the predecessor roads, along with all those new locomotives built for the Southern from 1900-1903.  There appears to be a subsequent renumbering in 1907 and possibly another in 1916, but I don't know why.  Any information on why?
  2. According to Roland B. Eutsler in his history of the CF&YV published in The North Carolina Historical Review, the Southern operated the A&Y as part of its Danville Division from 1900 until 1908.  But according to Mr. Eutsler "A part of this time, from 1908 through 1916, the Atlantic and was operated by the Southern under a lease."   I lost my copies of the Southern legal histories and addenda in my house fire.  Does anyone have any information on this lease and why it was made when the A&Y stock was wholly owned by the Southern?
  3. After the USRA took over operations of US Railroads in 1918-1919, the A&Y was returned to independent operation. And in 1924 it went into receivership.  Was the A&Y operated as part of the Danville Division then, or was it now with the Winston-Salem division where it ended up decades later in 1950?
  4. It appears that the lease of Southern locomotives began as early 1917, but rentals occurred as early as 1912 (and I wonder given the statement of Mr. Eutsler above whether the leasing and rentals occurred as early as 1908.  Anyone know of evidence about how these wholly owned subsidiaries might be given lease or rental agreements in this time period and why?

Cannot hurt to ask!


Dave Bott


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