locked Southern box car preference, circa 1918 - and other notes

John Willis


Careful about recommendations as to what to do with such onerous folk. I liken it to my rant about marketing toads. They are so toxic that there is nothing you can do with or to them. You can't for instance send them via rocket into the sun. After all you don't want to infect or destroy that stellar body, We depend on it. Likewise you can't send them out into deep space. The beings out there would not like that at all and would visit untold punishment for such intrusions. So, what then, do we do with them. It is difficult at best to ignore them. They infiltrate and infest all facets. I do not have an answer. Perhaps no one does.  I seems that we must endure and work around them as best we can.

My 2¢


 John C. Willis\

Likewise off my soapbox, Al