locked SOU 44T Photo Request

David Friedlander

Hi all,

I'm trying to work through a queue of projects and one is finishing up an article for a 44T water cooler stand I created.  Nothing crazy, and it was based off this photo:

I was trying to find Gerald Widemark, but unfortunately, it looks like the prolific CNW modeler/railfan passed away last April.  I'm contacting the CNWHS to see if perhaps they now own the rights to the photo, but if anyone else has the rights to a photo of a 44T with this version of water cooler stand, I'd be grateful for use of the photo in the article.

Attached is an image of my O-scale model based on a Williams by Bachmann 44-tonner.  I am pretty sure 1951 didn't have one, but I wanted to model this regardless as I thought it was neat.

David Friedlander