locked Covered hoppers in kaolin clay service - 1964

George Eichelberger

The SRHA archives include many files on the shortage/purchase/rebuilding of 40’ box cars 1963-65. Many were needed as the Southern’s contribution to various on-line and off-line car pools and for Kaolin clay service. (The re-write of the SRHA  Southern 40’ box car book slows down every time I find important files on that subject.)

Because the Kaolin clay business originated mostly on the Central of Georgia, many CG files discuss the shortage of covered hoppers, also in ’64-’65 due to the rapid growth of Kaolin for coated paper and other industrial processes. That business made use of other road’s covered hoppers if some of the mileage was on those lines.

By early 1964, deliveries and reassignments of additional Southern covered hoppers increased the proportion of SRS cars used. Here is a 4-23-64 inventory of the covered hoppers used for clay service. Some owners are far from the middle Georgia kaolin mines but were in the routings to the paper and chemical plant destinations for the clay. (References seem to be missing for tank cars used in clay slurry service, not used in the early 60s?)


D. Scott Chatfield

Ike wrote:

> References seem to be missing for tank cars used in clay slurry service, not used in the early 60s?

Clay slurry (in water) did not become common until the mid '70s, and when it did it was all carried in privately owned tank cars.  ACFX, GATX, NATX, UTLX, etc.  Supplying tank cars was not the railroads' problem.

Clay slurry in the form of ink was shipped in tank cars in the '60s.  The carrier was flammable, so these tanks can be spotted by their placards.

I know JM Huber's plant on the Southern's Brunswick line (at Huber, just SE of Macon) shipped ink.  Don't know about the other plants.

Scott Chatfield