locked Alexandria, VA Call Sheet -

Rob Wingo

Southern Call Office Sheet, 1981.

Have you ever seen a Southern RR Call Office sheet? I never had except when I was a kid and went with my dad to the call office on a weekend and saw it on the agents desk. I took a photo of the one I have as the sheet is very large blotter size. The incredible providence is father-son engineers, L.A. Brown, Jr and his son Wayne Brown were notified that the call office had been abandoned, in early 1982 most likely when it was moving to Manassas, and they went to it and found these call sheets just lying on the floor. They picked them up. Just before Wayne Brown retired he passed them off, literally off a moving freight in Faber, VA to a son, Russell North, of a former conductor AC North. He notice my posts on Facebook and messaged me that we could meet and I could have some as my dad K.H. Wingo had been an engineer and contemporary of his dad. It’s fortunate that 1981 was the year of my graduation from college and the claiming by my dad of the Amtrak Crescent in Dec-81, which he was engineer until his retirement in 1983. It was all detailed as my dad called in sick for the graduation weekend and you can see where he claimed and then was assigned to the Crescent after CW Mattox retired. So many familiar names from the past. It was all a complex choreographed dance, dependent on seniority and hours of service laws among many factors, all detailed on this sheet. I am still studying them and it is fascinating.  Some of the notes are good also, as one note said a person had called from jail and didn't know if he would make it on time.

Is there any interest in scans or photos of these for an archive?  Too bad they are only for 1981. 

Does anyone have a photo of a call board?  I remember the board was tiny cubicles that a small wooded rectangular peg with the person's name on it, kinda replicating the call sheet.  The board could be viewed from the employee side through glass and the call agent on the business side.  Employees could then look and see what jobs who had and everything.