locked Southern Railway "Pullman Green No. 4"

George Eichelberger

Work on Southern office car OC-21 (NS 8) is proceeding at TVRM. Ryan Miller and the shop guys are starting to think toward the car’s exterior painting and lettering. They have the correct Southern lettering and placement drawings. There is a Southern “drift card” for Pullman Green No. 4 in the SRHA archives but I wonder if anyone else has any of the Southern paint samples. We had a project several years ago to have the drift cards we could locate scanned by one of the paint matching lasers to both determine what paints are available today and to document the color using present day techniques (RGB, CMYK, etc.)

If anyone has any Southern drift cards they could donate (we will compare colors on No.4s), or we could borrow, we will continue the testing and publish the result. Contact archives@....


PS If anyone is interesting in helping to restore and preserve an original Southern business car, now is the time to make a donation to TVRM for the project. If not a project at TVRM, get involved or donate something to somebody to preserve something of the Southern, or any other railroad.

A pair of outside swing hanger six-wheel trucks and other parts have been purchased and will be moved to Chattanooga soon. They are same type the Southern replaced the car’s Pullman trucks with. (The car is on Canadian built Pullman trucks. Hooking up the brakes will wait for the “new” trucks…said (?) to be the last pair produced by GSC.)