Locked Unsubscription - Gladhand1@comcast.net has left main@SouthernRailway.groups.io

George Eichelberger

As one of the SRHA people that handle the SR.io group, a notice comes to me whenever anyone joins or leaves the group. 

This one, for long time SRHA member Dick Fisher, was a sad reminder that, last year, we lost an extremely knowledgable member that had a wealth of railroad experience….and was a really, really nice guy! I appreciate being reminded about Dick but sad to think again he is lost to us.

The "Green Light” shined a little dimmer with his passing….


PS Might Bill Schafer post Dick’s mention in the current TIES Magazine “I have finished my course” for all to see?

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: [SouthernRailway] Unsubscription - Gladhand1@... has left main@SouthernRailway.groups.io
Date: May 5, 2022 at 4:06:10 PM EDT

This is to notify you that Dick Fisher <Gladhand1@...> has left your group main@SouthernRailway.groups.io.