Locked [ModelingTheSouthern] RE Prince book reprints -takers??

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I suspect the question as to "takers" was meant to be anyone interested in helping re-print..
IF it is re-printed how many will be sold and at what price? (baed  on the "takers" who affect supply and demand)

I have both of the orginals -  one bought in the 1960's.. The prices I paid "back then" are sometimes more than on Ebay these days.
I wrongly thought my sons might see some appreciation in their value. <G> 
I do watch Ebay  and see the occasional copy put up.

 There doesn't seem to be a huge demand and bidding is not "wild and crazy" .. so...
(Not even sure what a realistic number of anyone seriously interest in Southern steam is these days.)

So as a suggestion which you can ignore or not even reply to ...

An idea might be to see what a re-print or re-write new print would cost and then see whether there is a demand.

When I "run out steam" there will be one fewer folks interest in Southern steam ... especially old enough to have lived in that period of history.

Gordon Andrews