locked Prince book reprints - takers??, oh, the Rabbit holes possible here

Cohen Bob


Oh, the directions this bigger topic can take so I'll start with the easiest to identify:

What Bill S. stated regarding finding his missing volume of Prince books for $15, THAT was smart and not as lucky as some might want to believe. While much older material, i.e. steam is going begging in many circles since those who best remember are entering their twilight years (yours truly included), today's BUYERS aren't quite as eager as those of 40-60 years ago to part with their dollars for material that is now part of so many downsizer's today.

Look at what has been successful and why: big and easy example - the Morning Sun formula; 128 pages, all color (okay we've got a SR problem here as Bill as gently reminded us of), and ONE v ery specific topic; trackside, a specific photographer, obviously a specific RR, structures ......... okay we know the rest. That said, it works. They have built a better mousetrap and to succeed for something new, we, too shall have to create a better mousetrap also. Oh we, each (well some of us anyway, present company included) have our favorite specific RR if not branch of that RR or specific region. Look at the PRR historical datum: Volume 1 of Churella on the PRR was huge and the nearing completion of Vols. 2 & 3 will also likely be.

Okay, the SR did not have and doesn't have anywhere near the same reach as the PRR, but what works for the goose and also work for the gander. We have the minds to come up with a formula, a mix, that can work, but as stated at the outset, a straight reprint of SR's Prince just doesn't fit the formula. So-o-o-o-o-o-o, maybe something along the lines of not a 250-pager (Prince) but a 750 pager that expands and includes  material he missed and that has come to light since the 1960s and 1970s.

I've tried to psychoanalyze the marketplace as much as I can, and have given at least part of the prescription for proper medication. Now it's up to other specialists to figure the entire formula. This isn't E=MC squared, or the quadratic equation nor the vaccines for COVID-19, but all considerations have to be taken here notwithstanding the aging interest base and changing demographics of the potential interested parties. Hey, SR has been gone now for ......... 40 years, let's neither forget nor let the aging factor elude us before we, too becomes footnotes to history.

end of pulpit.

Bob Cohen