Locked Scanned Southern Freight Car Card Lists

George Eichelberger

I’ve attached  the list of Southern freight car drawing indexes (“card lists”) that have been scanned. They are the best source for finding Southern produced drawings for freight cars. In many cases, the Southern drawings were traced from carbuilder drawings then given Southern drawing numbers. Card lists may or may not show carbuilder drawing numbers (they mostly do not). That became more of a problem in the late 60s/early 70s when the railroad stopped tracing most drawings. (I’ve attached a atypical Card List page showing both.) The archives contain both types of drawings, the Southern versions are easier to locate because we have the indexes.

As SRHA moves toward making individual drawings available, I expect anyone who orders drawings for a particular car will be required to also purchase that car’s drawing list to avoid one of our volunteers having to research using only a drawing description. Most card lists are less than 10 pages.

Two questions please:
1. Is anyone interested in obtaining Card Lists so they can order drawings?
2. Assuming No 1 is “yes”, what should SRHA charge for each list?

I’ll sneak a third question  here.. how much should a digital version of a tabloid size drawing cost?

Comments please….


SRHA Card Lists...

Card Record F-1 Log Cars 1-27 (no Spec)
Card Record F-10 pec F-23 DDB Gondola 180000-181249. 181500-181571, etc S
Card Record F-107 Spec F-159 50-T 40'-6" steel box 23487-26486 
Card Record F-108 Spec 148 50-T 40'-6" steel box 20950-21495 
Card Record F-11 Spec F-47 DDB Gondola 50-Ton 184572-186284 
Card Record F-110 Spec F-152 50-T 50'-6" auto box cars 39000-39973, 39974-39999
Card Record F-111 Spec F-166 70T st hoppers 70000-70299
Card Record F-112 Spec F-163 70-T cov hopper 319950-319999 
Card Record F-113 Spec F-161 70-T mill gon 318000-318149 
Card Record F-114 Spec 164 50T 40'6" box car 30000-32018 
Card Record F-115 Spec F-167 70-t gondolas 60000-61499 
Card Record F-116 Spec F-168 70-T triple hopper 70300-72049
Card Record F-117 Spec F-169 95-T Ore Car 100000-100249
Card Record F-118 Spec F-165 70-t covered hopper 94163-94180, 28074-280177, etc
Card Record F-119 Spec F-170 70-t covered hopper 94760-94999, 280500-280539, 319500-319519 & 325500-325519
Card Record F-12 Specs F-36, F-40 & F61 30T SU stock 43400-43899 
Card Record F-120 Spec F-171 70-t flat 51750-51803 & 408000-408020
Card Record F-121 150-t dep center flat 250050
Card Record F-122 Standardization of bay window cabs
Card Record F-123 125-t dep center flat 50002-50015
Card Record F-124 Spec F-172 50-t steel box car 35000-36199
Card Record F-125 Spec F-173 70-t Airslide 90000-90049
Card Record F-126 Spec F-174 70-t steel jopper 72050-73549 (Pull & AC&F)
Card Record F-127 Spec F-175 50-t steel box car 34800-34902, 36200-37249, 262900-262999, etc
Card Record F-128 Spec F-176 70-t mill gon 52150-52169, 290000-290029 & 318150-318199
Card Record F-129 Spec F-177 70-t side door hopper 95350-95419, 279100-279129 & 1000-1005
Card Record F-13 30-T Plain Box 13100-15599 Specs F-10A & F-12
Card Record F-13 Specs F-10-A & F-12 30T plain box 13100-15599
Card Record F-130 Spec F-178 70-t flat 51804-51863, 251000-251029 & 300000-300009
Card Record F-131 Spec F-179 90-t dep ctr flat 349000-349014
Card Record F-132 Spec F-174 70-t hopper 73550-73749 & 281000-281299
Card Record F-133 track cars
Card Record F-134 Specs F-182 & F-183 70-t cov hopper 94181-94420, 280178-280277, 319234-319293, etc
Card Record F-135 Spec F-185 70-t 65' mill gon 290030-290079 & 318200-318249
Card Record F-136 Spec F-184 50-t steel box car 37250-37369, 263650-263709 & 308322-308341
Card Record F-137 Spec F-181 70-t hopper 73750-73949 & 281300-281599
Card Record F-138 Spec F-180 70-t gon 328000-328599, 291000-291299 & 314000-314299
Card Record F-139 Spec F-186 70-t Airslide 90050-90099
Card Record F-14 pecs F-26 & F-26A 30T plain box 137000-138499 S
Card Record F-140 50-t ballast hopper 95882-95999
Card Record F-141 Spec F-189-A alum cov hopper 4000-4199
Card Record F-142 3818 cu ft alum cov hoppers 6000-6179
Card Record F-143 Spec F-191-A 4713 cu ft alum cov hopper 8000-8074
Card Record F-144 Spec F-190 3930 cu ft 90-7 steel cov hopper 6180-6214
Card Record F-145 Spec F-188-A 100-T Silversides gon 1000-1749
Card Record F-146 Spec F-192 70-t CUF box cars 9000-9199
Card Record F-147 Spec F-193 90-t triple cov hopper for calcium carbide 6980-6999
Card Record F-148 Spec F-194 50-t 50' 6" steel box 34903-34917 & 262865-262899
Card Record F-149 Protecto Frame 20 85' TTX cars
Card Record F-15 Specs F-15, F-20, & F-26 30T plain box 15600-18599 and 130000-136999 
Card Record F-150 Trailmobile Chassis & Containers RB-1 - RB-225 & RC-1 - RC-310
Card Record F-151 90-t All-Door box car 9800-9999
Card Record F-152 Spec F-195 4948 cu ft alum cov hopper 8075-8574
Card Record F-153 Spec F-199 Hogshead box car 9785-9799
Card Record F-154 Spec F-198 90-t coil car 50900-50906
Card Record F-155 Spec F-196 100-t tank car 300-346
Card Record F-156 Spec F-201 70T st box car 9200-9499
Card Record F-157 Spec F-197 70T insulated box car 500-569
Card Record F-158 70T refrigerator cars 900-904
Card Record F-159 70T wood chip cars
Card Record F-16 30T plain box w end door 12000-13099 (No Spec)
Card Record F-160 100-t drop bottom gons 1750-1751
Card Record F-161 Spec F-169 100-t 50'-6" box car 43000-43049
Card Record F-162 Pgm F-167 Spec F-200 100-T flat car 115500-115559 115560-115599
Card Record F-163 Spec F-204 90-t bulkhead flat 115700-115724 115775-115779 F-204 
Card Record F-164 Spec F-205 100-T Airslide 90100-90169
Card Record F-165 100-t brick car 116000
Card Record F-166 Spec F-207 70-t CUF box 5000-5499 & CG 3500-3699
Card Record F-167 Spec F-206 70-t flat cars 50800-50802
Card Record F-168 Spec 208 & 209 60' box car 9500-9599
Card Record F-169 Spec F-203 90-t cov hopper 6215-6364
Card Record F-17 30T plain box 10500-11987 (No Spec)
Card Record F-170 Spec F-211 50' box cars 9600-9614
Card Record F-173 Spec F-213 box car 16000-16399
Card Record F-174 Spec F-214 70- insul cuf box car 570-649
Card Record F-175 Spec F-215 70- non-insul cuf box car 5500-5572
Card Record F-176 Spec F-218 100t cov hoppers 6365-6764
Card Record F-177 Spec F-217 100-t hopper 75000-75799
Card Record F-178 Spec F-221 60' box car 43050-43085
Card Record F-179 Spec F-220 86' box cars 42350-42381
Card Record F-18 Spec F-10A 30T vent box 35800-37799 
Card Record F-180 100-t cov hopper 6765-6964
Card Record F-181 NCP-11 Spec F-219 60' box cars 17000-17499
Card Record F-182 bulkhead flat 115600-115699 CG 11600-1649
Card Record F-183 Spec F-216 blkd flat 115800-115899 CG 11400-11424
Card Record F-184 Spec F-222 300t flat 50099
Card Record F-185 Spec F-212 hogshead box cars 9640-9739
Card Record F-186 hy-cube box cars 42300-42335 CG 8800-8813
Card Record F-187 alum cov hoppers 7925-7999 & 8575-8999
Card Record F-188 NCP-17 Spec F-225 60' box car 43707-43770
Card Record F-189 NCP-18 Spec F-229 70-t 50'-6" PS-1 box cars 18000-18499
Card Record F-19 30T vent box 34800-35799 (No Spec)
Card Record F-190 NCP-19 Spec F-224 100-t bulkhead flat cars 30" CUF 114950-114999
Card Record F-191 NCP-20 Spec F-227 50-t 50'-6" box cars 33000-32999
Card Record F-192 SCP-887 30 CWR cars
Card Record F-193 NCP-22 & 23 70 & 100-t 60'-9 box cars 43771-43789 & 43086-43135
Card Record F-194 NCP-21 UTC tank cars 347-352
Card Record F-195 NCP-24 60' box cars 43790-43853
Card Record F-196 NCP-25 86' box cars 42946-42999 CG 8814-8832
Card Record F-197 NCP-17 60' box cars 43700-43706
Card Record F-198 NCP-26 86' box cars 42378-42408
Card Record F-199 NCP-27 Spec F-231 100t hopper 96000-97699
Card Record F-20 30T vent box 32900-34199 and 342200-34799 (No Spec)
Card Record F-200 NCP-28 Spec F-230 100t hoppers 75800-76599
Card Record F-201 Spec F-239 70-T 60'-9" box cars 43854-43969
Card Record F-202 100t well flat 50098
Card Record F-203 Spec F-235 100t AirSlide 90170-90194
Card Record F-204 NCP-27B Spec F-238 100t cov hoppers 97700-97999
Card Record F-205 NCP-32 Spec F-242  100t 52' gons 63000-63199
Card Record F-206 NCP-41 Spec F-237 box cars 18500-18999
Card Record F-207  NCP-43 & 44 60' box cars 43139-43147 & 43970-43984
Card Record F-208 NCP-45 Spec F-246 blkd flats 115250-115274
Card Record F-209 NCP-46 blkd flats 114925-114949
Card Record F-21 30T vent box 30000-32899 var bldrs (No Spec)
Card Record F-210 NCP-47 Spec F-244 50' flat cars 114800-114824
Card Record F-211 NCP-48 Spec F-245 100-t 61'-0" flat cars 114500-114549
Card Record F-212 NCP-51 Spec F-248 70t box cars 38000-38499
Card Record F-213 NCP-49 Spec F-249 86' box car 42862-42945
Card Record F-22 Spec F-16 30T vent box replacement numbers 
Card Record F-23 Spec F-35 36' SUF vent 37800-38724, 36' auto 39800-39874, M&O 
Card Record F-239 NCP-34 60' box cars 43854-43969
Card Record F-24 Spec F-42 SU Beer & Ice 41500-41699 
Card Record F-25 Spec F-43 40T SU Vent 26700-27299 and 27800-28099 
Card Record F-26 Specs F-44 & F-46 30T SU box and vent 27300-27799,V&SW 1100-1164 and M&O 20200-20399 
Card Record F-27 Specs F-41 & F-51 36' SU box 38725-39524, GS&F 9205-9412 
Card Record F-28 Spec F-4 40' Furn 40000-40199, 50' Furn 40200-40374 Spec F-4 for 40200-40374 only
Card Record F-3 Spec F-30 X-1625-X1824 
Card Record F-30 Specs F-50A & F-50 40-T SU flats GS&F 7000-7159 & M&O 913 
Card Record F-32 Spec F-19 30-T flat cars (list on cover)
Card Record F-34 Spec F-67 30T SU Poultry 44875-44899 
Card Record F-35 Spec F-64 M&O SCS cabs 147-171
Card Record F-36 pec F-68 30T SU Vent 120000-122749 S
Card Record F-37 Specs F-47 & F-70 DDB Gons 10250-11499 (all R:N) 
Card Record F-38 Specs F-69 & F-80 8-Whl SCS cabs X-2026-X-2325 
Card Record F-39 Spec F-65 30T SU Stock 43900-43999 and 45000-45199 
Card Record F-4 Spec F-18 SU flat 115000-115749. su gon 118000-118749 & 117500-117999 
Card Record F-40 Spec F-63 DDB gons 186331-187550, 186285-186330 
Card Record F-41 Specs F-51 & F-52 30T SU vent box 28100-28374 and auto 39650-39799 
Card Record F-42 Specs F-62 & F-55 50-T Steel Hoppers 98152-98651, V&SW 7000-7444 
Card Record F-43 Spec F-66 50-T SU flat (list on cover & TF 100-109 
Card Record F-44 Spec F-70 50-T DDB gon H&NE 8200-8399, CNO 25100-25165, AGS 2900-2924 (all R:N) 
Card Record F-45 Specs F-68, F-71 & F-77A 30T SU Vent TF 200-229 and M&O 20400-22407 
Card Record F-46 Spec F-72 30T SU box cars CNOTP 14861, etc and AGS 12148, etc 
Card Record F-47 Spec F-72 SU box cars 140000-140149 
Card Record F-48 Specs F-68 & F-74 SU vent GS&F 410853 and Sou 411160-411530 
Card Record F-49 Spec F-63 50-T DDB gons M&O 10200-10721, 1153-11268 & 11000-11333 
Card Record F-5 Spec F-17 50-T SF hopper 105000-106999 
Card Record F-50 Dynamometer Cars 1 & 2 (No Spec)
Card Record F-51 Spec F-43 40t SU vent 28375-28628 & 40t vent 28629-28674 
Card Record F-52 50-T steel hopper 96000-98151 & list on cover (No Spec)
Card Record F-53 40-T Rodgers ballast hopper 90306-90695, 95000-95249, 90606-90855, etc
Card Record F-54 Spec F-68 30t SU vent 122750-123249 
Card Record F-55 Spec F-53 8-Whl M&O cabs 140-146 
Card Record F-56 Spec F-75 40-T DDB Gon 20000-20120 (RN 417000-417129 
Card Record F-57 Spec F-77B 30t box car CNO 16591-17999, AGS 10205-10899 & DW 1100-1199 (all RN) 
Card Record F-58 Spec F-77B 30t auto AGS 16000-16099, CNO 13151-13350 & 30t box NONE 5000-5411 (All RN) 
Card Record F-59 pec F-79 30t box 150000-151222 & 160000-160499 S
Card Record F-6 Spec F-38 50-Ton SH Coke 110000-110619 
Card Record F-60 Spec F-78 50-T DDB gon 187551-189062 
Card Record F-61 Spec F-82 30t box 151223-152457, odd nos, 402150-402199 
Card Record F-62 40t SU refrig 269005-269249, 343000-343249, 269000-269004 1917 & 1926 files
Card Record F-63 Specs F-80 & F-102 8-whl SCS cab X-2326-X-2675, AGS X-6041, etc.
Card Record F-64 Spec F-81 50-T DDB gon 189063-190362 & list on cover
Card Record F-65 Spec F-84 30t box 152458-153457 w 100 exp box 
Card Record F-66 50-T comp hopper 96000 RN to 100000 series (No Spec)
Card Record F-66a Now into 1100 series drawings
Card Record F-67 Specs F-98 & F-87 50-T US DDB gon 198000-199999, M&O 11400-11599 
Card Record F-68 Spec F-88 40t box 153500-158889 
Card Record F-69 Specs F-92 & F-100 40t SCS stock 45200-45649, M&O 3300-3549 
Card Record F-7 DH Coal 74850-74923 (No Spec)
Card Record F-70 Spec F-88A 40' auto 160500-160999 
Card Record F-71 Spec F-91-A 50-T SF composite hopper 103500-104499 plus others 
Card Record F-72 40T plain box 165000-166269, 157000-166269, 158890- etc.pdf
Card Record F-72 Specs F-105, F-99 & F-90 40-t plain box 165000-166269, 158890-159889, 162500-163499 & 168270-169769
Card Record F-73 40T plain box M&O and Sou 166270-168269, etc.pdf
Card Record F-73 Specs F-94 & F-99 40-t plain box M&O 23000-23999, 166270-168269, 162000-164999, 409000-409999, etc.
Card Record F-74 50T LS gon 118750-119749, 288000-288249, etc.pdf
Card Record F-74 Specs F-96, F-123 & F-129 50-t plain LS gon 118750-119749, 288000-288249, 316000-316499 & 55000-55710
Card Record F-75 50-T SU flat cars 116600-117349, M&O 70000-70249
Card Record F-76 Spec F-103 40-T auto box M&O 46000-46499 
Card Record F-77 Spec F-108 50-T comp hopper M&O 31350-31549 
Card Record F-78 Specs F-115 & F-110 50-T comp gon M&O 55200-55699 
Card Record F-79 Spec F-113 SCS caboose X-2676 - X-2875 & M&O X-180 - X-199
Card Record F-8 DB Gondola 40-Ton 84913-84920 (No Spec)
Card Record F-80 Specs F-111 & F-119 55-T steel hopper 107500-109999, 285150-285399, 111000-112499
Card Record F-81 Specs F-112 & F-118 40-T SF auto box 148000-149999, 270500-270749, 161000-161999, 271000-271999, 311000-311499, 340000-340499 & 375000-375499
Card Record F-82 Spec F-117 50-T SU flat M&O 70250-70449 
Card Record F-83 Spec F-116 40-T SCS plain box M&O 24595-24844 
Card Record F-84 50-T DDB gon 180000 series (No Spec)
Card Record F-85 Specs F-120, F-121 & F-126 40-T steel auto 272000-272999
Card Record F-86 Specs F-125 & F-130 40 ton plain box cars 260500-260999 & 12023-13041 
Card Record F-87 Spec F-122 50-T Hopper 285500-285999 & 320100-320699
Card Record F-88 Specs F-124 & F-140 50-T DB gon 287000-287999, 315700-315949, 175000-177376 rebuild and wood racks
Card Record F-89 Specs F-131 & F-13?40-T SUF stock 45650-46002 
Card Record F-9 Spec F-9 40 Ton DDB Gondola (appl SUF to 80000# gons) 
Card Record F-90 Specs F-132 & F-140 70-t steel flat 51000-51100 & 51101-51600
Card Record F-91 Specs F-133 & F-141 70-t LS mill gon 52000-52049 & 52050-52149
Card Record F-92 Spec F-128 50-T 50'-" steel box 40000-40199 
Card Record F-93 Spec F-125 & F-130 40-t steel box 261000-262036, 306000-307021, 10000-12022 & 13043-13063
Card Record F-94 Specs F-132 & F-140 70-t steel flat 51000-51100 & 51101-51600
Card Record F-94 Specs F-134 & F-145 70-t cement hopper 280000-280074 & 319025-319099
Card Record F-95 Spec F-130 & F-135 40-t steel box 10922, 13064-15895
Card Record F-96 Spec F-136 & F-147 50-t steel hopper 112500-113249 & 104500-105949
Card Record F-97 Spec F-137 50-t DDB gon 177377-178197
Card Record F-98 Spec F-138 & F-151 50-T LS gondola 55711-55960, 118750-119749, 288000-288249 & 316000-316249
Card Record NCP-18 Spec F-229 50' box cars 18000-18999
Card Record NCP-19 Spec F-224 blkd flat 114950-114999
Card Record NCP-20 Spec F-227 50' box cars 33000-33974 32975-32999
Card Record NCP-22 NCP-23 Card Record 60' box cars 43771-43789 43086-43135
Card Record NCP-45:48 bulkhead flats 115250-115274, 114800-114824
Card Record NCP-48 61' flat 114500-114549
Card Record NCP-50 100t hopper 76600-77199
Card Record NCP-55 box cars 40500-41499
Card Record NCP-56 100t ctr flo cov hoppers 98000-98599
Card Record NCP-57 70-t 52'-6" high side gons 65000-65399
Card Record NCP-58 hi cube box 43647-43699
Card Record NCP-59 cabs