Locked water hatches on Southern steam tenders

A&Y Dave in MD

Does anyone have photos of the tender water fill hatches on various Southern railway locomotive classes, especially the K, Ks, J, H and E classes?


I don't know that many of the steam articles in TIES or Southern Rails have such photos.   I wasn't able to see the 401 in person since it was a part for testing when I visited Monticello, and I haven't been to Spencer since the 542 was restored cosmetically (and that may not have the original tender).   Paging through all my Tillotson, Webb, Ranks & Low, Morning Sun Color, and Prince books is unlikely to pull a good image (although I will try).


Any help on photos would be appreciated.  I'm sure there are drawings and photos in the archives if I can attend a work session and help out, but I'm unlikely to be able to travel there any time soon, so references to published or easily accessible photos would be greatly appreciated. 


This kind of detail doesn't show up in a typical ground level classic 3/4 view.


Dave Bott