Locked Modeling the Southern.....@ 12"/1'

George Eichelberger

Just like in a Southern modeler’s parts box, only bigger…

The attached photo is the new center plates for NS office car 8 now being restored as Southern OC-21 at TVRM. Each weigh about 385 lbs. They are needed because the private owner of NS-8 sold the pair of six axle swing hanger trucks that Southern bought (1964?) to replace the original Pullman trucks on “Point Richmond” and the trucks TVRM obtained, from NYC business car “Hiram”, are slightly different. (Said to be the last pair of GSC trucks of that type made?)

These will allow OC-21 to be placed on the “new” six axle trucks. When that is done, the truck mounted brakes can be connected and the underbody work on the car can be done knowing everything will fit. (Water and toilet holding tanks are fabricated and installed. I’d like to see things like battery box doors hiding the modern equipment under the car. It is what car folks call a “retro mod”. To the degree possible it will look as OC-21 did in the mid 1960s but with features needed to operate today, including 480 volt “HEP”.)

Needless to say, this kind of restoration work is expensive. If anyone would like to help get a Southern official car back in service, please make a donation to TVRM. (I’m sure dinner on one of the car’s first trips can be arranged!)