Locked Got plans for Turkey Day weekend Saturday, November 26th? Train show near Hagerstown, Maryland

Cohen Bob

Hey after a few days with stuffing yourself with good grub and having relatives over you haven't seen in a year or more and gone out shopping, you ARE ready for a nice little train show near Hagerstown, Maryland.

That's right, the Antietam Station - Hagerstown Model RR Museum, Inc. folks are sponsoring their regular Thanksgiving weekend Train Show scheduled for November 26, 2022 at the Washington County Ag Education Center. This is not far from the Antietam Civil War Battlefield.

7313 Sharpsburg Pike on Route 65 – 6.1 miles south of I-70.

There is usually a good variety of train related goodies there from Models and parts, timetables, books, magazines, videos, and who knows what else. The hours are 9-1:30 or so and there are dozens of tables to peruse through and get this -- there's door prizes and even burgers and dogs and soft drinks.

There is an admission fee and if so inclined, you can drive a mile or so further south and visit the old N&W Antietam Station and see the club's layout and whatever else they have to entertain you.

Hope to see you there for it is just over a week away, Thanksgiving weekend Saturday.

Bob Cohen