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I've been organizing and scanning my prints as well as my collected electronic images of A&Y locomotives for several months.  In addition, I'm combing through the correspondence files to find evidence of locomotives leased or rented from the Southern or at least considered for the A&Y. I've posted many of the results on my website. The blurb on my index page is:

I have added another 15 pages on unique locomotives and doubled or tripled the total number of locomotive photos available on all the pages. Some of the stories are interesting, like
313, 541 or 803, and sometimes you find a really nice photo like the 254. And sometimes, it is about the not-quite-A&Y locomotives that remained in Southern livery their whole service life, such as 516, 655 and 659.  So check out the added loco pages, but revisit the old ones to see lots of new photos. I would start with the updated roster table on the locomotive page.

For those of you not familiar with the A&Y, it is the Atlantic & Yadkin Railway that ran from Sanford through Greensboro to Mount Airy in NC. It was a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern from 1899-1950 when it was absorbed into the Winston-Salem division after it's bonds came due and the Southern just paid them off and absorbed the line as it tried to financially as well as organizationally simplify the amalgam created from bankruptcy and acquisition up to that time. My brief history of the line is

This little steam only short line has held my historical interest for over 25 years. Along with members of the Greensboro Chapter of the NRHS, I have been collecting information and displaying it on my web site or publishing what I can (including an article in TIES a few years ago). If you browse my site, you will see station data, industries served, lists of employees, and stories of all the folks who have helped me research this line. The home page is



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