Locked Belated welcome message

George Eichelberger

First of all, to everyone that has joined the Southern Railway group.....

Hello and welcome to the new Southern Railway group sponsored by the Southern Railway Historical Association. Membership in the Association is not necessary but we do want to hear what your specific interests are. 
We are just now getting the SRHA archives organized after our move to the new archives building at TVRM and intend to use groups.io to try to extend access and use of the archives material beyond Chattanooga.
Check our www.srha.net for more information and a soon to be updated photo tour of the new facility in the archives section.
George Eichelberger - SRHA Archives Director
Carl Ardrey - SRHA President and the SRHA Directors and officers

And.....I received an inquiry today about who/what group is behind SouthernRailway.groups.io. It's on the home page but just in case, I'll repeat it here......

Southern Railway Historical and Modeling Information Interchange main@SouthernRailway.groups.io

Group Description

Southern Railway Historical and Modeling Information Interchange

A group to discuss, ask questions and provide historical and modeling information about the Southern Railway System its predecessors and subsidiaries. It will also be used to publish and distribute drawings, notes, photos and correspondence from users and the Southern Railway Historical Association's archives at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in Chattanooga, TN.