locked Cab generators

George Eichelberger

Quite often, when we find a document in the SRHA archives, it leads to other files or documents that elaborate or explain what the first document tells us. The attached, September 6, 1977, memo to WW Simpson is an example. The SRHA digital “cabs photos” file has more than 650 images of SRS cabs. Many of them show either body or truck mounted generators. The dates of the photos mol follow the description of different generators in the memo.

Unfortunately, only one of the photos the memo references are attached. (We probably have all of the drawings.) Scanning, or simply looking through the archives files, is an example of something volunteers at our work sessions can do. The August session is next Friday and Saturday. Anyone willing to help is welcome to come and help find “pearls” in the collection. (Cash donations to apply to archives materials and equipment are also welcome.)