locked Central of Georgia Material at the SRHA Archives

George Eichelberger

We probably have not mentioned it enough but because many people are not aware that the SRHA archives most likely contain the largest collection of organized CofG documents, and absolutely the largest collection of Central original drawings, posting a couple of items from the ICC Valuation study is in order.

The two attachments are from pages 77 and 79x from the field notes for Valuation Section 2 in Savannah. They show a photo of the Savannah CofG station and a sketch of the trainshed. The quality of the ICC photos is usually not very good but they may be the only record we have of their subjects from the 1916-1926 period. 

While the quality and detail of the sketches in the field notes vary depending on the crew that did them, some are literally works of art and detail. The crew that did the work on the "buildings" accounts for Val Sec 2 included: C.A. Purinton - "Pilot Eng.", Frank Donlevy - "Tapeman" and Richard W. Alger - "Jr. Architect". The examples are from their work.

Georgia Val Sections 1-5 will be completely scanned in a few days. They represent only a tiny part of the CofG materials at the SRHA archives at TVRM in Chattanooga. Everyone is welcome to come to our monthly third weekend work session. If you plan to go the TVRM on any other dates and you would like to visit the archives, send an email to archives@... and we will attempt to make arrangements. If several folks interested in the Central wouild like to organize a work session dedicated to the CofG materils, that can certainly be arranged.