Locked Depot paint

milepost 131

I have more questions than answers when it comes to depot painting.



Depot painting:


the “best” documentation I’ve found is in Wiley’s book




1925 – standardized green (similar to CNW green) window frames and doors yellow (similar to UP)


1945 medium gray with white trim


next paint- all gray


So that is a summary of Wiley’s knowledge.




When they started the “Montpelier Station” (VA) restoration they performed mass spec analysis. (I have a copy somewhere if anyone wants that drop me a note off-list)


I’ve examined period postcards and B&W images


it seems that there were depots with “yellow” (lighter color) above the “band” that was at window sill height- and green (below) Trim white. No doubt pre-1925 but some seem to have maintained That scheme after 1925 or maybe weren’t painted. <g>


I’m MOST interested in depots along the Murphy Branch and offer the following:


Addie (1963 Marsh) gray white trim

Andrews 1967 gray gray trim

early Balsam (two tone with white trim)

Balsam (1959-61 King) gray white trim


Bryson City (1975 King) white/tan brown trim

Bushnell photo (Clodfelter around 1920) is two tone with white trim

Bushnell (1943 TVA) green (maybe) white trim

Canton (early 1900’s King) yellow above, green below, white trim



Nantahala 1950 gray white trim


Whittier (early) two tone with white trim


So…. Since I model 1943 (specifically) I could guess “two tone/white trim


but even then I wonder whether it was always that.


I also have lots of questions about the depot at Bryson City:


Now the GSMRR own this structure and we know they have modified it and the freight section was modified earlier. And for me the back side (non-trackside) is critical as this shows on my layout.)


Backside It has several windows and a door that I question whether they are mods after 1943. I’ve yet to find any “floor plan” for Bryson City or photos of the back (RR folks always like the track <G>)


I’ll guess that this depot goes back to “WNCRR” days and have yet to discover any WNCRR documentation that would help with my mysteries.


Now all of that being said… I mentioned post cards. I’ve seen quite a few postcards of depots with the early “two tone” but even with that info we must remember… postcards were often created overseas and colors added or modified before printing by employees who might have never seen the depot.,


Anyone have any factual info to share?

Gordon Andrews