Locked Drawings Needing Scanning and Cleaning up at SRHA Archives

George Eichelberger

In addition to the rolling stock drawings and memos typically posted to the Southern.io group, there are many depot and other structure drawings and photos in the SRHA archives. Like everything else, volunteers are needed to help get the material organized.

Recently, we began scanning a series of original drawings from 1947 and 1948 when the Spencer, NC roundhouse was being modified to repair the Southern’s “new” diesels. The attached drawing shows the "Proposed Track Layout for Diesel Repair Facilities in Spencer Rdhse" dated 5-10-1947. The original high resolution scan is full size and nearly 60 MB. This version is smaller than the 35” x 20” scan and much lower resolution so it could be posted.

The next scheduled archives work session is Friday and Saturday, Oct 21 and 22. (The L&NHS archives work session is the same dates.)