locked Early diesel switcher livery

Evan Whatley

Hello all, looking to have HO scale decals made for the early DS paint scheme. To my knowledge these are not available commercialy. So I have a few assumptions and a few questions for the group to help get things right.

-When the medialian changed from 54" to 30" in 1945, it appears the change also incorporated the post-war medialian. Is this correct? Or was there a 54" post war and vice versa?

-Road name, cab side numbers, and hood end numbers were all 9" tall. Cab end numbers, numbers under folding gangways, and sub-road initials were all 4" tall. Correct?

-Unsure how wide the frame and hood stripes are. Thinking 4" for the frame and 2" for the hood stripes?

-Alco and Baldwin switchers had small numberboards, how tall and wide were these?

-Finally it seems all the lettering and stripes were done in silver/aluminum paint. While the lighted number boards and 2" end stripes (1945+) were in white. Is this correct?

Thanks all, look forward to the responses.
-Evan Whatley