locked Gordonsville, Virginia--- Montpelier Station, VA

milepost 131

When Montpelier Foundation was getting ready to restore the depot at Montpelier Station VA... a group from UVA Architectural School (as I recall)  got involved and did complete drawings... These drawings and a write-up were in an SRHS newsletter or was that SRHA? It was very informative.

In addition a mass spectrometer study was made of paint samples -- Maybe Mr. Dupont didn't like "green" below the rail but last time I was up that way some non RR building were all the dark green. I have a PDF of the mass spec somewhere.

Montpelier depot was one of my first N scale scratch builds... before UVA study so I took my two year old on  his first "research" trip. He'll soon be 40!!!  He's improved over time and I'd like to think my Southern modeling attempts have too...

If SRHA has the SRHS newsletter article maybe SRHA could re-publish for the newer folks.

BTW, I have a friend who dismantled and still has in storage the Somerset, VA depot... he was going to rebuild/restore/re-purpose  it but age caught up with him... anyone interested in a real kit build? If so drop me a note and I'll put you two in touch...

Gordon Andrews