locked Groups and Paint

milepost 131

This IS being cross-posted to the two yahoogroups and the groups.io



The things I don’t know:


1. What’s up with photo/files/messages

2 Depot Paint


Why we have members asking about files and photos…




Now to the various and sundry internet discussion groups- shades of the old days when SRHS and SRHA co-existed.


At Yahoogroup.


Southern_Railway and Southern Railway Modeler exist.


Southern_Railway (Yahoo) indicates 896 member (active -unknown)

It has a file and photo section that members CAN access.


Southern Railway Modelers (Yahoo- Southernmodeler) 828 members. It has Files and Photos section.


As far as I know neither Yahoogroup has direct ties to SRHA…


And then there are the groups at groups.io:



A “main group” with 132 members

Only photos are those which have been “pulled from email attachments and no files.

Under this is a sub-group

ModelingTheSouthern with 21 members

Again ONLY photos are those sent as attachments (SIX as of this writing)


If you are confused at this point- welcome to the club.


The groups.io seem to be associated with SRHA (but this might not be true)


So it would appear that we have “diversity” of discussion groups and anyone interested in Southern Railway needs to have their feet planted “firmly” in two worlds. As I said it reminds me of ancient history when SRHS and SRHA existed.


I’m not sure who the owners/moderators are of any of the groups not that it matters but it is a shame we can’t all get on the same page regardless…




So.. it looks like you’ll have to do what I’ve been doing… have membership in both Yahoogroups and groups.io. (I’m not even sure whether these two providers will welcome discussion groups long term.)


FYI- I migrated a group from Yahoo to groups.io a while back because it was better supported at groups.io. To each his own.


But the next time you see a member say… but I can’t post a file or a photo…. you’ll know why.








The color of depots on the Southern Murphy Branch circa 1942.

Based on a photo of Whittier (circa 1909) Seems to be the yellow/green scheme

Bushnell Clodfelter photo *(circa 1916) and TVA Archives (yellow/green)

Balsam – a few early photos (yellow/green)


It would seem that depots were the pre-1925 scheme unless they needed painting. (including white trim??)

I have not found any photos which appear to be the green with yellow trim.

Yes there are photo of the post 1945 scheme of gray with white trim.


BTW, the yellow used at Montpelier station (you can find photos on line are based on mass-spec analysis of paint layers done during a very good restoration effort.


Now some depots that have been restored do show the yellow. Some show the yellow/green. Some have red doors some have yellow white.


If anyone has definitive info on any depot paint with time etc. A few of us might be interested.

Gordon Andrews