locked Material Wanted for Upcoming TIES Articles

Bill Schafer

For the 2021-2 TIES, currently being composed, we are in immediate need of the following images:

* A photograph - any photograph, no matter how old or how crappy - of the Marion Junction, Ala., depot. Marion Junction was a busy connection point on the Southern in Alabama west of Selma back in the day, and the depot lasted until about 1967. But no photos of the structure have surfaced to date.

* Photographs of any train or other railroad activity on Southern’s Akron Branch (Marion Junction-Akron, Ala.) between 1900 and 1980. Must be related to Southern’s Akron Branch (not AGS).

* Images of the following structures or flag stops on the Akron Branch: Nave, Bates, Norman, Zimmerman, Scotts Station, Coleburn, Newbern, Rosemary, Hatche, Melton, Sawyerville, Evansville, Wedgeworth.

* A map or layout of SOU’s Air Line Junction facilities (Charlotte, N.C.) before dieselization.

Please contact me off-list if you can help. Many thanks.

—Bill Schafer, co-editor, TIES