Locked MCB Wood Standard

George Eichelberger

I just posted the following to the STMFC group..

Researching the wood needed to re-deck a 40ā€™ flat car at TVRM, I located this drawing (Southern SF-4174) in the SRHA digital files. As it shows MCB dimensions, the drawing would apply to many railroads. Note how many types of Southern cars are shown.

Note the ā€œVā€ groove in the 6ā€ siding stock, purely ornamental?


PS The joint SRHA-L&NHS-RPM meet will be at TVRM Sept 30/Oct 1st in the new Exhibit building. The model railroad layout in the Headquarters building and the SRHA and L&NHS archives will be open at various times Thursday-Sunday. Info as it is available on the SRHA, TVRM and L&NHS web sites.