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Good questions! (Would you send me your direct email address?)

Unfortunately, due to the condition of the microfilm, I only managed to scan two of the nine drawings. I need to check but I recall the other scan completes the elevations of all four sides. (That is somewhat unique to have the entire building elevations even though we are missing the floor plan and other detail drawings.) The drawings are interesting not only because of their subject matter but they are in an early architectural drawing style.

The SRHA archives work sessions are the third Friday and Saturday of every month at the archives building on TVRM property at 4543 Turntable Road Chattanooga, TN. The SRHA web home page lists the dates. We try not to change from that schedule but it’s best to check or send an email to archives@... if you plan to come. Someone might be there on Thursday of the work session weekends, but an email telling us you want to be there then is needed to make sure. We typically start about 10:00 on Fridays, 8:00 on Saturday morning and go until 7:00 or later on Friday and about 5:00 on Saturday.

Donations can be made on the SRHA web site via PayPal as the archives is 100% SRHA, donations don’t need to be specified to go to the archives but that’s certainly okay to do.

I’ve attached a photo taken early in the morning when we had the first membership work session during our annual convention. The building is “first class”! 

We are pleased to report, and welcome, that the L&NHS is moving into their archives to the building. SRHA and L&NHS archives work sessions will probably be the same weekends. (We do have to deal with NS trains passing by and 4501 on the Grand Jct. WYE just across Turntable Road, but those are distractions we can manage.)


PS I will post a text version of the “Locations” digital file in a day or so. It is only a listing but as it is arranged by State and City, it is easy to find what we have on a specific location.

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I noticed just now (after the excitement died down) that there are two of nine photos. Is there anyway to get the other drawing? 
Where and when are the archives work sessions? Would donations go to this group or to SRHA? Forgive my ignorance on this.

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