locked [ModelingTheSouthern] Station sign standards

George Eichelberger


From the SRHA archives, here circa 1947, is the drawing for “Southern Railway Post Sign”.

All of the various state RR crossing signs are also in the files, I will see if the VA “slow down” sign is included*.


* We would like to purchase a “network” set of drives for the archives that will allow us to put selected items on line. If anyone would be interested in helping with the cost, (est. $3.000-$4,000) contact us at archives@....

On Jun 27, 2021, at 11:29 AM, Paul Schmidt <pschmidt3013@...> wrote:

Anyone have a lead on where I might find the standard plan for the Southern's pole-mounted station signs? 

Also, and this casting the net really wide, I'm trying get some idea of the dimensions and especially the font which Virginia used for its signs mounted beneath crossbucks, the signs that declared  "SLOW DOWN TO 5 MILES -- VA. LAW"

Thank you for any assistance.
Paul Schmidt