locked November 19 and 20 SRHA Archives Work Session

George Eichelberger

The next SRHA archives work session will be at the TVRM archives building on Turntasle Road in Chattanooga Fri Nov 19 and 20. (We may have someone there on Thursday the 18th, send an email to archives@... if you are interested in going to Chattanooga then.)

We expect to keep the new scanner busy with large freight and passenger car drawings. There are many passenger car (larger than D size) drawings and folded blueprints. If volunteers are available, we can scan smaller (usually parts details) drawings on other scanners. Work on the photo collection and general archives organization will continue.

There is a request from one of the high quality HO model companies to obtain copies of Seaboard Air Line box car drawings from the ACL/SALHS microfilm collection. The ACL, SAL and SCL and carbuilder produced aperture cards need to be organized and scanned. (All of the “Family Lines” aperture cards are in thre collection in the archives, and need to be sorted and organized, preferably by ACL-SALHS members.)

Anyone is welcome to come and work. We will start by 9:00 on Friday morning, go intoi Fri evening and start again on Saturday by 8:00 until 3:00PM or so.

TVRM trains will be running and the new museum exhibit building has displays on TVRM’s 60th Anniversary.