locked NYC Heavyweight Sleepers on the Ponce DeLeon?

George Eichelberger

We received an interesting question from John Horvath (NYCHS) about a group of Pullman Plan 3979A (8-1-2) sleepers assigned to the Ponce DeLeon. While we continue to look through the photos in the SRHA archives, it may be useful to ask the Southern Railway.io group… Here’s more detail from John.

Within the large (379 cars) fleet of HW sleepers that the NYCS acquired in the 1948 Pullman divestiture were eight Plan 3979A (8-1-2) cars with CENT-prefix car names that were painted in the “Overland” train two-tone gray scheme. These cars had been in NY-Chicago-San Francisco service from 1946 until displaced by LW cars at the end of 1949. They retained this painting and lettering scheme until the NYCS had Pullman repaint them between 1952 and 1954 (most in 1953).

Pullman Culver assignment letters curated by Dave Staplin some years ago indicate that at least in Summer 1951 four of these NYC-owned cars painted in the “Overland” scheme operated between Cleveland and Jacksonville on the “Ponce de Leon”. Is there any chance that you have or know of a photo or photos of these NYCS-owned cars painted in the “Overland” scheme while in this or any other service? The paint scheme would be hard to miss as it was the original pre-WW2 version of two-tone gray, with the light gray used for most of the carbody and only the pier panel painted dark gray. The “Overland” train name was at the center of the letterboard in sans-serif lettering.

In addition to a photo, might there be a consist of the Ponce from Jax Term for these years that show the NYC cars?


PS There is a large amount of data in the archives on the Ponce DeLeon over the years. If anyone has any information on the Ponce, the Royal Palm, Royal Palm DeLuxe or New Royal Palm please let us know. In addition to an article, those trains would make an excellent presentation at the Cocoa Beach RPM next year. There are always NYC, Southern and FEC folks attending.

We have the full list of Pullmans Southern acquired in the divestiture if that is of interest...