locked O Scale SOU SD40-2's and SOU Crescent Passenger Train

David Friedlander

Happy Holidays everyone,

Accurate SOU offerings in O-scale are rare and may suffer from lack of widespread advertising.  I just wanted to mention to any O scale modelers lurking on these two Southern Railway lists, two projects being looked at by Sunset Models/3rd Rail/Golden Gate Depot (basically the same company) in case you were not already aware.

The SD40-2 has been listed for a few years on 3rd Rail's website, but as surprising as it is, this project hasn't garnered enough interest as a whole to proceed as of yet, but there is talk that it may proceed anyway (likely at a higher cost IMHO to meet the low volume production) sometime late next year.  If interested, get your reservation in as you may be the person who gets this project to fruition.  I most likely will help with the SOU-specific detailing review. It would be the most accurate model in O-scale to date, if made.

As the website shows, the passenger train consist will be changed (and what is currently listed is incorrect).  With the help of some experts on these lists, I've already submitted input to Golden Gate Depot on what the consist should generally be.  I also highlighted several decision points that would need to be worked around, as that would dictate what portion of the 1950's (or beyond) that the product will represent. I am told reservations were slow from the initial announcement, so nothing further will be decided until there is sufficient general interest in the project (through reservations.) I most likely will be asked to help with this one if it ever gets enough reservations.

David Friedlander
Columbia,MD / NY,NY