locked Operating Contract between the Pullman Co. and Southern Railway System

George Eichelberger

SRHA is in the process of scanning more than 1,000 contracts, operating agreements, leases, joint facility agreements and equipment trusts. In the next few weeks we should be able to upload scans of the cover of every/most  contracts in the SRHA archives. Here is a complete scan of Southern Railway contract No. 1109 with the Pullman Co. dated January 1, 1946. Because it is most likely the wording Pullman negotiated with every railroad operating Pullmans at that time, I will cross-post it to other groups.io groups.

Note that this is not a "golden age" Pullman agreement! It covers the dissolution of the Pullman Co. where its stock was sold to the railroads but continues "sleeping car" contracts, modified as needed by the court. There are multiple Pullman contracts in the SRHA archives BUT they never include information on specific car line numbers (Pullman routes) or cars. Much of that data is available in the SRHA archives although it is spread out in multiple files.