Locked "Outside Swing Hanger Six Wheel Trucks"

George Eichelberger

I’ve mentioned them enough, here a photo of the first of the two Outside Swing Hanger Six Wheel Trucks TVRM acquired to put under Southern Office Car 21. 
They are the same style that Southern used when it replaced the original Pullman, “Point Richmond”, trucks in the 60s. (I understand they were the last such pair built by General Steel Castings. The replacements that Southern put under OC-21 were sold by its previous owner after they bought NS-8 from Norfolk Southern. They are now under the business car the New Orleans Public Belt has for sale.)

With some luck, the car will be in service for the joint SRHA-L&NHS convention at TVRM 9-30/10-1.

Even with the roller bearing wheel sets, cash will help the project “move along”. I’m sure a donation from anyone to TVRM interesting preserving, operating (and riding in!) a Southern Railway “official car” would be appreciated and put to good use.