Locked Passenger Car Drawings in SRHA archives

George Eichelberger

Scanning and organizing the passenger car drawings, memos, specifications and maintenance files continues at the SRHA archives. Scheduled work sessions are the third Friday and Saturday of every month (except November and December, replaced by a session in early December because of the holidays)….including this Friday and Saturday.

Other, informal work sessions occur nearly every month, contact archives@... if you are interested in visiting the archives other days.

As work of all kinds needs to be done, individuals’ interests, freight, passenger, diesels, CofG, etc. can usually be accommodated.

SRHA’s new large format scanner is speeding up the process of making digital copies of our large format drawings. Work session volunteers are needed to keep the work moving so drawings of all kinds can be made available on line.

As information, one example of a hand written passenger car drawing index (not everything is scanned) is on Google Drive at the following link: