locked Progress Thumbnails from Full Size Drawing Scans to date

George Eichelberger

We have mentioned, and quite a few people have seen, how many original and blueprint drawings we have in the SRHA archives. Although a great many of the General Arrangement and larger size details drawings have been scanned from a combination of microfilm and hard copy drawings, we want to improve the quality (and use) of our digital files by using the new 48” scanner to scan as many originals, full size, as manpower allows. At this point, we are scanning mostly “D” size original linens (“SF” prefix freight car drawings to start).

As time permits, we will scan all of our original drawings, from “D” to “A” sizes. When that project gets done, we can make individual drawings available for sale on request. If anyone is interested in helping, they can come to any of our third-weekend work sessions at the archives building at TVRM. Contact archives@... if you are interested in helping with scanning or making donations toward the $7,000+ cost of the new scanner.

The Google Drive link that follows includes a folder with 27 pages of thumbnails. While there are literally thousands of drawing scans are in digital files, these thumbnails show only the full, D size scans done so far.

To help identify and organize all of our scans, several people have offered to create spreadsheet versions of the Southern’s drawing indexes (Card Lists). The card lists shows every drawing for a particular Specification(s) and car number series. Having those references for both freight and passenger car drawings will allow us to find all drawings for those cars. That is very (!) useful because many drawings do NOT show what cars they were used on. Trying to determine that (with out indexes) is made more difficult because many drawings were used on many cars series (think standard trucks and couplers) and some drawings were prepared by the Southern or the carbuilders to specify/sell cars that were either never purchased or used different drawings for their production.

Note that some of the file names are particularly long and appear rather cryptic), the scan file name for drawing SF-1002, for example, shows:

SF-1002F Std Plain Box Car 60,000 Lbs Capy 8-10-1904 CL F-14 & F-22 Specs F26 & F-26A

The “F” following the Southern drawing name identifies this as a “full size” scan. For a D size drawing at 200 or 300 dpi, that is typically a 200MB file. (unless we have a need, or someone wants, a full size copy, we will use reduced size drawings, typically tabloid 11”x17” that we can print easily and are much easier to handle that 5’ or larger full size reproductions. (The purchase of a large plotter is under consideration if/when funds are available…$ donations are needed first)

When known, car series numbers are included in the file name, the Specifications (Specs) and Card Lists (CL) that reference that drawing follow. (That data is temporarily in the filenames, it will be eventually be. moved into each scans “IPTC” meta data.

The download is not large, the thumbnail images can be expanded somewhat…..comments are welcome. (Note that is represent only a very small percentage of the Southern and Central of Georgia drawing is the collection.)