locked PRR (Attempted?) Charges for Through Passenger Cars at Washington

George Eichelberger

In 1958, the PRR's financial condition was bad and getting worse. On January 10, 1958 the PRR President sent a letter to the Presidents all of the railroads with through passenger car connections at Washington Union Terminal informing them PRR would asses a $20 per car charge for every car. Every connecting line wrote back with an emphatic "NO". Undaunted, the PRR followed up with the attached letter dated Feb 5, 1958. Although there are quite a few letters and attachments in the SRHA Archives on the subject, none found so far are clear if/how long the charge "stuck".

The second attachment is one of several inb the file describing the number of cars to and from the Southern. Other attachments break the cars down to individual Southern schedules connecting to PRR trains at DC.

As with many (!) subjects, the archives contain a rich source of information on many topics. Attachments or letters on one subject provide information on others, Southern through train activity at WUT in this example. It's impossible to say when we will be able to open the archives to work sessions again but when we can, this is the kind of material SRHA members will be able to access, research and hopefully describe in articles for TIES.