Locked Pullman 1948 Car Requirements Report

George Eichelberger

The October Southern Railway Historical Assoc. archives work session was particularly productive, toward getting our paper files organized and scanned. The November work session (at the archives on 11-15&16) will continue that work plus focus on the 100,000 plus microfilm aperture cards of Southern, CofG, ACL, SAL, CRR equipment drawings. 

The PRR and B&O/C&O aperture card collections obtained by Larry Goolsby of the ACL/SALHS from CSX have been moved to the PRRT&HS and the B&OHS (with the C&O drawings to go to the C&OHS).

The Southern Railway Presidents’ files are a rich source of information beyond the Southern. The Pullman Co. files before, during and after WWII are an excellent example

C.R. Harding, the Pullman Co. President asked for a study and report on “future sleeping car requirements” that the company would use in its postwar planning. The first page of the 30-page report, submitted on September 2, 1948, is attached. Because it may be of interest to anyone interested in Pullman operations, a PDF of the entire report is available on the new SRHA archives server.

As the server is still very much in a “test” mode, the following user name and password is only temporary and will be taken down in mid-November. It may be downloaded for non-commercial use only with credit to SRHA for anything but personnel use. As time and resources permit, more of SRHA's tens of thousands of archives documents and photos will be available on line.

To access the server enter “mynas.lacie.com/srhaarchive” in the search or address line of any browser. (The browser will need to be able to run Java.) At the site login, enter “Pullman” for the user and “test” for the password. That will take you to the LaCie d2 home page. Click on the file icon in the upper right. The file browser will display a folder marked “Public”. Click that to see another file labeled “Pullman Report”. There, you will notice a 254.23Mb file. Highlight and click the “download” icon in the upper left.

Download will not be instantaneous because of the file size and other people may be downloading it at the same time. If you have any problems or comments, please email “archives@...”.