locked Pullman Co data in the SRHA Archives

George Eichelberger

 As we continue to organize the material in the SRHA archives, new topic "categories" to be researched are discovered at virtually every archives work session.

Box 543 (Files 10,753 through 10,756) is one of several that contain correspondence to and from President E.E. Norris and the Pullman Co. Many items track the decline of passenger services after WWII but others include information on other significant events. Everyone is probably aware of much military traffic the railroad handled during WWII but the Korean War presented some of the same issues to railroads and the Pullman Co. At the same Pullman was preparing to reduce equipment and services, they were asked to put cars back in service for Gov't use.

The attached three-page letter to officers of the "Pullman Contract Railroads" dated September 29, 1950 describes the need to refurbish 321 "NAC" (non-air conditioned) tourist cars.


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