locked reweigh abbreviations for locations on the Southern

A&Y Dave in MD

I would like to update/confirm the reweigh station abbreviations for the Southern I've seen documented by Richard Hendrickson based on photos in the 50's.  

Is there an authoritative  list that would work for 1934 in particular?

Here's what Hendrickson listed based on photos of freight cars in the 50s:

ALX SOU Alexandria VA
AUG SOU Augusta GA
CHAT SOU Chattanooga TN
CIN SOU Cincinnatti OH
FN SOU Finley Yard AL
HE SOU Hayne Shops SC
IN SOU Inman Yard GA
INM SOU Inman Yard GA
JS SOU Jacksonville FL
K SOU Knoxville TN
MDN SOU Meridian MS
N SOU Norris Yard SC
SR SOU Spencer NC

Dave Bott


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