Locked Scrapping of Railcars at old Chattanooga Choo Choo complex

George Eichelberger

I expect it is now common knowledge that several of the Southern cars are being moved to TVRM at Grand Junction (planned for this week!)

Long term plans are being developed but, as happens many times, the equipment must be preserved immediately or it would have been scrapped. Not all efforts are successful, the tower from the Choo Choo is a $5,000 pile of bricks at TVRM unless it can be rebuilt.

To be clear…I am not an officer of TVRM and have no management responsibility there but I have contributed to various preservation and restoration projects. To quote/reuse a line (not a personal criticism) from the post "….just downright saddens me and disgusts me” also applies to the railfans that have many comments and suggestions about what should be saved, etc., etc. but can’t move off their butts, or checkbooks, to help PAY for preservation projects.

TVRM has a small group of people that have been willing to step up when hard cash is needed to keep something from the scrapper. Those people, and the hard work of TVRM employees and volunteers are who make it possible to everyone to see, ride and take photos of 4501, cars painted correctly for Southern or Central of Georgia, etc., etc. (Years ago, five people donated $1,000 each for 4501’s boiler to be tested to determine if it could be restored. Without that effort would 4501 be running today?)

In other words…what have YOU done to help funding restoration projects at TVRM, SERM or any of the other well run museums or archives? All welcome donations and YOUR help……get off your butts and checkbooks!

Send your hate mail to me off list. I’ll be more than happy to respond.


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Well I guess this shouldn't come as a big surprise to anybody after several years ago they took the control tower down for the terminal, pretty much did away with all the railroad themed items including the operating trolley and kicked the model railroad out. This just downright saddens me and disgusts me. I spent many a day there and the gardens and fountains were always beautiful and the cars were kept up and it was a wonderful place to be and stay in the car rooms. Lately it's gone to s***! 


I don't know how many cars are being disposed of but I know there's a lot of Southern Railway cars in the complex. It doesn't look good because the track behind these cars used to be full of cars but it is now empty. Sad that the current owner has little regard for history but after years of neglect and not keeping them up it doesn't surprise me! Even the last time I was there part of the platform canopy was falling in and some even taken down. It saddens me so much, I know that it was a long shot for them to continue to exist but at this point greed and money seems to have gotten in the way of anything else, all that matters is the current fads like apartments/condos, escape rooms and a expanding the deck bar.