locked SF-1652 Two-bay clay hopper?

George Eichelberger

Rick Bell did some serious scanning (300 drawings!) at the archives this week. Many of the drawings were from the height of the Brosnan era when freight cars were being modified or built new to attract new business.

Drawings can provide information we don’t see anywhere else…or drawings for things that were proposed but never built. SF-1652 appears to be an example of “never built” (at least as far as I know). The cars were to be modified from 50-ton 104500-105949 two-bay hoppers with the same drop bottom door arrangement we see in the 70-T three-bay hoppers. If anyone might consider modeling such a car, let me know and I’ll send you a scanned copy of the drawing.

Some questions please… Thoughts on Is there any genuine interest in obtaining copies of Southern or CofG freight of passenger car drawings, how much they should cost and should be be hard-copy or only digital? (email via “private on the .io group or archives@....)

Second, there will be a RPM model display at the October joint SRHA/L&NHS/RPM meet. Is there any interest in a project model here, in addition to the SUF box car we discussed earlier? Who on this .io group might plan to come to the convention/RPM? One registration for both, clinics and displays will be open to all attendees. The L&NHS has a stronger modeling emphasis than SRHA but models from both groups will be well represented.

Comments please!