locked SOU steam slides collection for sale

Jim King

I recently purchased a Nikon Cool Scan 5000 to scan my large slide collection.  Slides I did not take and ones that are no longer applicable to my modeling, research, etc., will be sold off. 


The first group to be offered is Southern steam.  In 1990, I had the opportunity to borrow the late Ed Griffin’s slide collection to copy and sell thru the SRHA as a fundraiser.  Ed (called “Red” by his co-workers) was the Asheville roundhouse foreman from about 1949 until retiring in 1980.  I copied 76 of the 135 slides on Ektachrome for maximum color accuracy using a Canon bellows copier and balanced light.  They were sold in 3 sets.  As you can imagine, these went FAST.  They were never rerun.  Occasionally, a random slide from these sets appears on eBay but complete or nearly-complete sets have not appeared, at least, not that I’ve noticed.  Sets 1 and 2 contained 20 slides each (I have 19 and 14, respectively); set 3 contained 36 (I have 33).


He shot Kodachrome ASA 8 or 10 of mostly parked engines (cold and under steam, some with main rods missing, all uncoupled) around the Asheville roundhouse plus 4 slides of the Skyland Special with 2-10-2 helper (2 trains) on Saluda, a late PM silhouette of a 2-8-2 on High Fill (Old Fort Loops) and 3 action shots of a 2-8-8-2 on Biltmore Hill hauling an empty reefer train.  In mid-1949, he was transferred to Sheffield, Alabama (his home) for a couple months where he “kept shooting”; there are several shots of little 2-8-0s including 401 under steam towing a caboose and boxcar (this engine now runs in Indiana).  1 slide shows a long deadline of engines in East Yard with 4-6-2 #1267 in the lead (1 of 4 PS-2s that ran the Murphy Branch).  The Asheville slides were taken 1949-1950; my slides are 1st generation copies and all are irreplaceable.    The whereabouts of Ed’s original slides are unknown.


These have been valued at $6.00 each simply because they are copy-slides of rare content.  Well-lit, original Kodachromes could easily fetch $200-$400 each in an auction setting.  I have a total of 66 unique views plus duplicate views of 14 of those, totaling 80 color, Southern slides.  Value = 80 x 6 = $480.


In addition to Ed’s slides, I have 82 miscellaneous slides I’ve picked up over the years, including several Kodachrome copy slides of B&W prints of Asheville engines I shot in the 1980s.  The engines shown in the B&W Kodachromes are also represented in color by Ed’s slides but from different angles and dates.  There are 6 copy slides of Frank Clodfelter Kodachromes shot in 1947-48 in the Old Fort Loops and Asheville roundhouse and 2 more his of a 1951 wreck between a 4-8-2 and green F’s at Craggy (on the Tennessee Division a few miles from Asheville).  Most subjects are not from the Asheville area.  On average, these are valued at $3.00 each; some are worth more, some less, depending on “what you’re after”.  Value = 82 x 3 = $246.


These are being sold as a single collection.  Total for the 2 “batches” = $726.  The first person to offer $700 gets them, including Priority Mail to a Lower 48 address.  Understandably, Ed’s 66 unique COLOR views are the kernel of this collection and well worth the price.  Finding well-lit, COLOR images of Southern steam around Asheville is extremely hard to accomplish simply because Southern dieselized here in August 1952 and much of the steam was already stored by 1949-50.


Jim King