locked Southern Budd Diningh Car 3307

Dave Queener


If I can assist TVRM with any 3D CAD or possibly wire EDM work, please let Tim Andrews know.



On 5/8/2019 12:29 PM, George Eichelberger wrote:
TVRM is in the process of purchasing Southern Budd dining car 3307 from Amtrak. The car is in basically the same condition as it was in Southern Railway service and will be shipped to TVRM in Chattanooga shortly. (An article will follow in TIES in the next couple of issues.) Purchasing 3307 by TVRM will preserve an interesting and important piece of Southern rolling stock that also makes business sense as the car will provide revenue from kitchen and dining car seating with other dining cars or in an all-Southern lightweight train consist.

The cost to purchase and move the car, plus two more non-Southern cars being donated to TVRM, is $35,000. If anyone is interested in helping, please consider donating to the purchase and moving cost. There is a "donation" section on the TVRM web site, https://www.tvrail.com/support-tvrm/donate. Contact me off list if I can help with any more information.

In addition to the Amtrak cars, two Southern low side gons have been purchased and will be trucked to Chattanooga. Both will be restored to full Southern paint and lettering and used in MoW service and photographers specials. After TVRM looking, for many years, to acquire a Southern business car, two (!) have become available at reasonable cost. With TVRM member and other donors' assistance, the museum will attempt to purchase both. As we all realize, as time passes obtaining Southern railway rolling stock that can be restored to museum quality become more difficult.

For anyone interested in preserving the history of the Southern, now is the time, and here is the opportunity!

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