locked "Southern News Bulletin" and Southern.io lists subscribers

George Eichelberger

Simply "as info"...
As of today, there are 185 in the "Modeling the Southern.io" group and 512 in "SouthernRailway.groups.io.

I'll ask Dan Sparks to cross reference the subscribers on those lists to the SRHA member ship addresses to see what that number is. It has been in the area of 50% for the main Southern group. I don't think Dan has compared the SRHA membership list with Modeling the Southern lately.

After the fist issue of TIES this year, SRHA will begin to publish, on line, "The Southern News Bulletin". It will fill in for "Among Ourselves" the months TIES is not published but it will be more than the usual "AO". In addition to "Modeling the Southern" content, I expect we will see photos, documents, whatever on subjects that might not be enough for full size TIES articles and "Second Sections" of material that was in TIES.

In addition to material from the SRHA archives (the diesel photos digital file has more than 7,200 images. There are several thousand photos of just 40 and 50 ft box cars*), I hope people will send photos of whatever Southern prototype or modeling project they have finished, or are working on, to be included.

Any ideas or suggestions? Please post them here or send to archives@... and we'll make sure they get to Dan....the Editor of SNB.

* We are organizing and scanning the SRHA photos at every work session.