locked Southern Office Car 21 file.

George Eichelberger


It may have been OC-5 when you rode it.

You are certainly correct about being “plain”. One of the really interesting things about the Hayne Shop file is the series of “as-built” interior photos. OC-X/21/5 is the only car so well documented. We will back date the car somewhat but not to the point of ripping out all of the modifications done while it was Sou 5 or NS 8.

The outside swing hanger trucks in lieu of the original Pullman are documented in the file. Unfortunately, the prior owner sold them. The folks at Norfolk Southern were looking to see what they had at Altoona that might be donated or sold but no word on that yet. TVRM acquired a good set of Pullman style trucks (made in Canada) from the Western MD Scenic. We’d want different trucks to run the car off of TVRM trackage but they will be fine for now. (Anybody that can help acquire a set of swing hanger trucks..please contact me or TVRM!)

One item we will include in the restoration (if cost allows) is the red leather upholstery. The PO in the file lists two “hides”. Hayne did all of the work necessary to finish them for the sofa and chairs in the dining/office section.


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Ike: Many thanks for the link. I got to work on and ride several Southern offices cars during my RR career, both in company and private ownership. Also several of the former Southern cars after they followed Mr. Crane to Conrail. However I don’t believe the 21 was one of them. Since most of the cars were very similar inside and out I will be very interested to see the 21 file and how it compares with the Southern cars I did work on. They were plain cars when compared to some other railroads. But rode really well, particularly the ones that got 6 wheel outside swing hanger trucks with truck mounted brake cylinders, and were well maintained in the Southern days.

Thanks for all you have done and continue to do to preserve and interpret the Southern’s wonderful history. Stay healthy and keep washing those hands!! Allan.
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If you’ll simply paste the following Google Drive link into your browser’s address line, it will take you directly to the file.

Note the file starts when the Southern took “Point Richmond” off the Pullman lease and began its conversion to Office Car “X”. It changed numbers several times but it is being restored as Southern 21 as the years it carried that number corresponds to many of the pieces of Southern passenger equipment at TVRM. Some of the mechanical topics you’ll see are not going to be restored in that form; no batteries or axle driven generator for example as the car has it own generator, purchased and upgraded by the Southern.

Join us at a SRHA work session, we typically take time to go to the TVRM shop to check on the car’s progress.


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I enjoyed reading about the recent acquisition and movement of former Southern Railway Office Car 21 to the TVRM in the latest issue of “Amongst Ourselves”. I would appreciate receiving the link mentioned in the article to view details of the car’s conversion at Hayne Shops.

Thank you. Allan Paul.

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