Locked Southern Railway Books beating the dead horse

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A few weeks back,  I posted that a Prince book was for sale on eBay.
No doubt someone MUST have bought it. Anyone bid? (that might indicate interest)

The Prince book does come up for sale off and one, still.
Ranks and Low doesn't show as frequently BUT don't forget the re-print.As some have pointed out.. Tilletson's book are also available. 

Heck, in a few years my family will probably dump mine. <G>

Now then to putting together another book...
I question whether there remains enough "audience" willing to buy enough books even at a good price. And a small print run costs more. Color adds to the production costs!
I would think the SRHA has considered whether there is a ROI to publish a new book.
Speaking of SRHA back in the 90's "Ties" had some very good coverage of different steam  locomotives by class. In some ways I found it more informative than some of the books which have been published.

As some have pointed out before "photos" in color were just becoming more "popular" as SRY was shifting to diesels. So there is (probably) no "huge treasure trove" waiting for discovery.  Even the slides that SRHA sold a few decades ago had been "impacted" by the color shift that Kodachrome suffers over time.. as I recall an attempt was made to improve the color in the slides sold.

Sadly... what is out there (at one time or another) is probably the best we'll ever see.

As for the archives and not having to travel... maybe SRHA would be willing to consider if you (and others) would underwrite the entire up-front expense.  As the old radio ad said... "Money talks." 

Gordon Andrews

On 1/22/2023 11:42 AM, Will Kesler wrote:
I recall that there was discussion about a Southern Railway book to potentially be made. I do not know if this will indeed come to be true, but I would like to ask if there would be anyway to make a book on the photos of Southern steam engines. Not many of these books exist, and most of them have few color photos if not any. I would like to ask is there a way to just compile a bunch of photos into one book or multiple, and maybe include commentary on the photos. It seems a lot of the discussions here are more on scenery and sites than trains, which is something I’m honestly not very interested in. Even if no such book can be made, could there at least be a way to view these photos without traveling to Tennessee? Something like this would be very interesting to me, and answers to this question would be very appreciated.

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