locked Southern Railway Car Programs - pre 1971 to 1984

George Eichelberger

“CPs” and “SCP” were programs to modify or repair Southern rolling stock. They are in addition to "New Car Programs” (NCPs), “New Equipment Programs” (NEPs) (usually new intermodal or auto rack equipment) and Automobile Car Programs (ACPs) for auto parts and finished auto, including racks. Locomotives and passenger cars (mostly) had their own program names.

This list is useful for finding and organizing the Mechanical Dept., Coster and Hayne Shop files in the SRHA archives. They are the place to start when looking for information on the various rebuild programs. Drawings may refer to any of these files. (Help is needed getting everything organized! SRHA members that help with work or donations to the archives will always have the best access.)

This Google Drive link is a list of the Southern Railway Car Programs 1971-84.