locked Southern Railway Presidents' Files in the SRHA Archives - Partial Draft 6-14-2019

George Eichelberger

Although there is much work to be done on the complete set (there is one file per year of the Southern 1894-1982), here is a draft version of two Southern Railway Presidents' Files finding aids. They are both from the Sam Spencer administration. As this is only an example, it will be on-line here for a short time. The entire set will be moved to a server for permanent access when that is set up. It can be searched as a PDF but will eventually reside on a data base for easier searches.

In addition to a continuing clean up, we want to review every archives box and file to "QC" the contents, to add missing files and to expand the descriptions of each. There are approx 17,000 Presidents' files so the work to be done will take some time to complete. We are fortunate that the first version is very useful to do research now, and that we can build on it as resources permit.

While SRHA archives volunteers will work on the project as time permits, we will attempt to obtain donations or grants that would allow us to pay students from local schools to help. Anyone reading this is certainly welcome to help, with donations or labor.