locked Southern Vs EMD

George Eichelberger

I have mentioned how the Southern was not averse to letting car and loco builders “have it” when they were unhappy about something. Here is an example from the SRHA archives.

If we can presume (hope) the virus situation will improve in NW GA and TN, it is time to make plans to attend the SRHA archives work session on  Oct 15 and 16 (it’s early because Oct 1 is a Friday.) We may extend the session to begin on the 14 or even the 13th as TVRM may be beginning their 60th anniversary that same weekend. In addition to the archives, both TVRM steam locos will be in service (check the TVRM web site), the Baby Trainmaster will be on display and there may be time to check on the progress on Southern office car OC-21 at East Chattanooga. (Anyone thinking about attending needs to send an email to archives@....)


Paul Schmidt

Curiously, this letter echoes thoughts that I have passed on to vendors such as Progress Rail, US&S and Alstom over the past several years about signal equipment. The more things change. ...
Paul Schmidt
Sequim WA