locked Speaking of Chattanooga

Warren Stephens

Ike, have you ever run across any files on the Chattanooga Union Railway or as it was known after purchased by AGS/Southern the Belt Railway of Chattanooga? I have the detailed val maps for the whole of the Belt Railway. So many divisions within the Belt. Were these holdovers from CURY days? I have always wondered if the CBRY was like the CTC, if there was a holdover seniority list with former CURY folks? O were the jobs somehow bid by AGS folks? Webster James didn't have to sell the Chattanooga Union Railway to Southern/AGS because his father C. E. James did that before he died. In so doing he became Chattanooga's first millionaire. I have always been intrigued by the division of territory on the Belt. Georgia, River, Newby, East Lake and Georgia divisions etc. Grandiose names for little segments of industrial belt line trackage. I still enjoy catching NS on the remnant of the old Belt.