locked SRHA Archives - Southern Railway Freight Car Drawing List

George Eichelberger

As the scans of the F-Cards are simply too large to upload, a PDF of the Southern Railway Freight Cars Drawing spreadsheet is available on Google DriveĀ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fJUeuBMofeOAmZ23cZcPCiyhebN35-iu/view?usp=sharing

The spreadsheet was prepared before the F-Cards were obtained by SRHA so there will be many variations between the two sets of documents. As scans, the F-Cards cannot be searched or re-arranged so the spreadsheet is the most convenient method to identify drawings. As the F-Cards were the method the Southern used to locate drawings, it is the most accurate. What we need to do is relate/add every item in the F-Cards to an entry on the spreadsheet. I will post a couple of examples of complete F-Cards later today. The PDF is sorted by Road Number. If anyone is interested, we can publish the spreadsheet but anyone who modifies their version needs to realize, their changes will not be on the "master" version. (Some columns are not included in this version.)

As you will note, the spreadsheet has missing items (and probably many errors). It was prepared over the past twenty-years using whatever information could be found on drawings. Because of the very large number of "A" size (SF-40000) drawings that may show a single bolt or small part, those have not been included.

Please note this is a working copy of the spreadsheet! We need to verify every item, compare it to the F-Cards and complete items such as carbuilder, blt date, etc., etc. Because scans of all the F-Cards are available, volunteers can help without visiting the archives in Chattanooga.

Thousands of drawings have been scanned and will be made available as time and resources permit.